Variety of clamps for spray header pipes. Plastic (Polyprop, Polyamide, PVDF, Poly glass fibre reinforced) with Stainless Steel pivot and fastening screws.

Standard versions with 3/8" BSP thread connection or Bayonet Quick release connection. Pipe clamp diameters from 16 mm (OD) up to 43 mm (OD).

Easy-Clip and MemOspray® eyelet clamps, with Bayonet Ball Joint options, for MemOspray® nozzle system.

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Model: MemOspray® Eyelet Pipe Clamp
New version eyelet clamp for MemOspray® and ball joint nozzle systems. For working pressures up to 10 bar. Robust design for long service life. Variety of pipe diameter and inlet sizes.

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Model: Easy-Clip Pipe Clamp
Quick and easy assembly with the Easy-Clip nozzle system. No tools required. Allround swivelling by 30°. Easy adjustment and cleaning.

Applications: Degreasing, phosphating in surface treatment.
Technical specifications can change without notice.