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Welcome to the official website of Industrial Nozzles & Systems (Pty) Ltd (Est. 2000) exclusive representative in Southern Africa for leading spray nozzle and spraying system manufacturer Lechler GmbH (Est. 1879).

For over 130 years the Lechler group, through pioneering design techniques and advanced research and development facilities, have developed and supplied industries worldwide with innovative spray nozzle and specialised spraying system technology.

Nozzles are required in almost every industry and it is essential that production processes are constantly developed and optimized.
“Our vision at Industrial Nozzles & Systems is to be a leader in providing Africa industry with the latest in nozzle technology. We remain committed to supplying superior quality nozzles and spraying systems with the utmost level of service”.
Nozzles are required in almost every industry and it is essential that production processes are constantly developed and optimized. With the support of Lechler specialist application engineers throughout the global sales office network, Industrial Nozzles & Systems has for more than two decades being supporting industries throughout Southern Africa with precision spray nozzles and spray systems.

We remain focused in providing quality industrial nozzles that provide industry leading spray performance with exceptional service life and reliability. From compressed air nozzles which deliver high blowing force reduced air consumption with reduced noise levels, efficient self-driven Tank Cleaning nozzles suited to clean bottles to large storage tanks.
The latest in Descaling nozzle technology which provide superior energy saving and performance for the steel industry.

With the comprehensive product range from Lechler we have a close affiliation to almost every industry through providing support to the primary metals (Continuous Casting, HP-Superior nozzles for Descaling, Roll Cooling, pickling & galvanising lines), surface treatment for the Automotive and affiliated industries (adjustable MemoSpray nozzles on Phosphate lines), Food production (filling, packaging machines, pneumatic atomizers for humidification), Beverage (CIP tank cleaning, Full Cone nozzles for chilling, Flat Fan nozzles for belt lubrication, drying tunnels with Whisperblast compressed air nozzles),
Pulp & Paper (hollow cone nozzles for foam suppression, tongue-type flat jet nozzles for cleaning & washing), Chemical & Petrol-Chemical (atomizer nozzles for spray drying, tank cleaners, tangential nozzles for scrubbing, washing),

Pharmaceutical (CIP cleaning, VarioSpray for coating), Electronic industry (flat spray etching, air drying tunnels), Environmental & Pollution (air scrubbers, Spillback and VarioJet nozzles for gas conditioning & gas cooling, flue gas desulphurisation, dust suppression), Mining & Cement production (Evaporative Cooling, SNCR & SNR DeNOx reduction systems with Ammonia Water).

We welcome you to contact one of our offices for expert advice for your industry.